Cheese and Dental Work

I’m having some dental work done tomorrow, so I did my food shopping today and I plan to do some food preparation tomorrow morning. This way, I’ll have soft, easy to eat, nutritious food ready for afterwards.

I mentioned this to a friend today, who offered me some of her Atkins shakes. When I declined, she asked if they weren’t kosher. I explained that they actually ARE kosher, but they contain ingredients I shouldn’t eat, and when I’m in recovery, I want to eat the most nutritious food possible. Why should I have to heal from a food reaction AND dental work at the same time?

I told her that I plan to make a creamy broccoli soup tomorrow. Only I won’t actually put milk in it because I can’t eat it. “Oh, so you can just use skim milk instead.” I explained that I could use butter, as the milkfat isn’t a problem, but the milk protein is problematic. “You’re lactose intolerant?” No, I don’t get any digestive problems from drinking milk, and I’ve had goat milk with no obvious problems, but I do much better when I keep my diet mostly dairy-free. “Isn’t lactose the milk protein?” No, it’s the milk SUGAR. I have a problem with the cow’s milk PROTEIN, which is likely found in those Atkins shakes she offered me.

I’ve been involved in reading and writing about health online for the past 15+ years. I thought that the difference between lactose intolerance and milk protein allergy were fairly simple and obvious, and I’m SURE I’ve had this conversation with this particular friend before.

As it is, I’m dealing with an allergic/addictive response to cheese right now. 2 week ago, when I had the first half of my mouth done, I hadn’t anticipated how bad I’d feel after the work was done, or how long I’d need to eat soft foods. I didn’t have enough healthy, soft foods prepared. I ended up eating one portion of ricotta cheese, which I keep in the house for my Type B son. According to my SWAMI, ricotta cheese is neutral for me.

But it set off cravings for cheese that have been REALLY hard to shake. I might be good all day, but then suddenly I get a craving for cheese when I’m ready to go to bed, and nothing else satisfies the craving. I’m thinking maybe it’s the calcium or the fat- but almonds or almond butter don’t quite hit the spot. A calcium supplement doesn’t take away the craving, or a spoonful of butter or coconut oil. It’s a definite addictive response with the dairy protein itself. One cheese stick satisfies that craving the way a whole plate of dinner leftovers doesn’t.

It’s been 2 weeks and I still haven’t managed to shake it, though most nights I’m able to stop after a single cheese stick, and yesterday I went to bed with a full tummy but the cheese craving unsatisfied. If I can keep this up a few more days, the craving should be gone completely.

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