Green beans in my cereal

This is a Mother’s Day vignette – that would only happen to someone on the BTD.

It’s been almost a year, and I continue to enjoy eating my meals upside down. My biggest meal of the day is breakfast.  Lunch is either a salad or meat and vegetables in a bowl.  Supper is fruit, ground seeds, protein powder, larch, and lecithin.  When I mix it up with a little water, it’s a lot like eating cereal or oatmeal.

Tonight my Honorable Husband had rented “Bridge of Spies” on Netflix.  We were going to have dinner and a movie.  I was fixing him a mini casserole with rice, chicken, and some leftover broccoli and carrots.  I also had a bag of fresh green beans that needed to be cooked immediately.  I planned to put a few green beans in the casserole and serve the rest tomorrow.

I had my cereal bowl, his salad bowl, and his casserole side by side on the counter.  I was hurrying so we could start the movie.  At that moment, my Darling Daughter called to wish me Happy Mother’s Day.  We talked for several minutes.  I could hear BC chattering in the background.  She was telling me all of their news.  It was a wonderful conversation, and all the while I had my phone on my shoulder and I was adding ingredients to all three bowls.

We said good bye, and less than a minute later the phone rang again.  It was my Strong Son calling to wish me Happy Mother’s Day.  His wedding day is getting close, so he was telling me about wedding plans and furniture purchases for their first home.  I kept adding things to the three bowls as I talked.

The green beans finished cooking and I started chopping some of them up for the casserole – talking as I went.  Suddenly I looked down, and I had added green beans to my cereal.  I tried fishing them out, but it didn’t work.  Too much of the mixture was stuck to the freshly cooked beans.

I shrugged, stirred the green beans into the cereal, and chopped up some more for the casserole.

I do not think green beans in cereal will become a fad.  I certainly wouldn’t suggest you give them to your mother for Mother’s Day.  But they blended pretty well with the blueberries and apple.  They were an extra green vegetable for the day and an extra beneficial for either my Hunter or Gatherer side.

The most important thing was talking to both of my children, relaxing with my husband, and eating food that builds health.

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