Hanukkah- the Festival of Latkes

Hanukkah is the commemoration of when Judah Maccabee reclaimed the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, but only found enough untainted oil to light the Menorah for one night. But there was a miracle and the oil burned for 8 nights; long enough to obtain more supplies. One of its names is The Festival of Lights.

Jews around the world celebrate by lighting candles or oil for 8 nights. It’s also a custom to eat foods fried in oil. Potato latkes (pancakes) are a traditional Ashkenazi Jewish food, and a custom in my own home. Jelly donuts are common in Israel.

When I stared on the Blood Type Diet, I substituted sweet potatoes for the more traditional potato latke, but my son never liked them. He’s a type B and CAN eat potatoes, so I typically make at least two kinds of latkes for Hanukkah. Leah wants to make zucchini-carrot latkes and spelt donuts, but we haven’t done that yet.

Last night, we got a late start on cooking dinner, and we were all getting hungry and cranky. Instead of boiling potatoes, then cooling and mashing before adding eggs, I used instant mashed potatoes. It was super simple- just potato flakes with water, then eggs, salt, onion powder, and a dash of black pepper. They fried up quick and easy.

Meanwhile, Hannah began to peel and shred sweet potatoes. She peeled so many that she paused halfway through, shredding the second half after frying up the first half. I mixed the grated sweet potatoes with salt, onion powder, and a dash of red pepper. They came out juicy and delicious, but I was concerned that they wouldn’t hold together well. I added some rice flour before frying up the second batch, and the ones with the added flour came out a bit dry. The onion powder seemed to add enough substance to the batter. So when I made the second bowlful, I skipped the rice flour.

I felt like I spent the entire evening frying latkes, but we had plenty for late-night snacking, and for Leah to eat when she came home late.

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